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“We LOVED working with Jennifer on our first dance! She helped us with both our bride/groom and father/daughter dances. AND we had a blast doing it! We learned choreography and basic dance steps we can use for years to come. THANK YOU!“

-Austin & Brina



“My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Patrizio and Jennifer!! They helped us create the most beautiful, jaw dropping first dance for our wedding. We chose to keep this a surprise for our wedding guests, and it was truly a “wow” moment for all of our guests. Everyone can’t stop talking about it!! Jennifer and Patrizio are both VERY skilled at what they do, and were so patient with us through all of our lessons. We adjusted lifts and moves several different times because I was worried about my dress, and they were patient through it all. They truly helped us find our style and ensured that we were comfortable with all of the content in the dance. My husband and I look back on our wedding day, and the dance is truly one of our favorite parts of the day. It was a special moment that we will cherish forever, and we are so grateful for International Dance Studios for helping us create this memory that will last a lifetime! HIGHLY recommend Jennifer and Patrizio.“

-Logan & Lauren


“Without any experience, we visited International Dance Studios to practice for our first dance. Fast forward an entire year, and dance lessons ended up as one of the BEST parts of planning our wedding. From the first session, Jennifer and Patrizio were patient, understanding, and supportive, and NEVER made us feel like we didn’t belong. We ended up booking many lessons and choreographed an entire routine based on steps we learned. We looked forward to each class and were pleasantly surprised to learn it was one of the best ways for us to connect during the craziness of planning. Jennifer worked to understand our vision and expertly taught us the foundation and choreography needed to pull off our dance. There was no detail overlooked and our dance is one of my favorite memories of our entire wedding. Jennifer and Patrizio are a breath of fresh air and I HIGHLY recommend their studio for lessons of any kind!”

-Robert & Caitlin


“International dance studios was amazing! They helped us with a VERY tight schedule. We had so much fun that I hope to convince my now HUSBAND to come back every anniversary to learn a new dance. Thank you so much for making our first dance so memorable!!”

-Daniel & Ada


“International Dance Studios are absolutely amazing!!! Jennifer does fantastic work. My husband and I had no clue on how to dance walking into our first session. Jennifer made us feel comfortable and worked with us at our speed. She choreographed a beautiful dance that wowed our guests.....the dips and lifts and spins were all stunning!!! I highly recommend them to everyone looking to take their first dance to the next level!!!”

-Justin & Erin


Continuing Lessons After The Wedding!

“My husband and I took dance lesson at International Dance Studios with Jennifer and it was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! We had already picked the song for our first dance and wanted a WOW dance to go with it, and Jennifer delivered! She was amazing, very patient with us and broke down each step. She taught us swing as well as dips, lifts, and spins. Everyone at our wedding was clapping, cheering, oh-ing and ah-ing while watching us! Many of the guests came up to us after complimenting our dance saying "it was the best first dance" and how impressed they were! We had a blast working with Jennifer and learning our amazing first dance and are going to continue taking lessons with her (we are going to learn salsa next!). We highly recommend International Dance Studios for your first dance or just for fun!”

-Jeffrey & Alina


Best Wedding Decision!

“We honestly got a standing ovation after our first dance at the wedding, and our friends and family still have not stopped talking about it. Jennifer was willing to make a choreographed dance routine to cater to our own comforts, so we decided to make a routine with a bunch of aggressive lifts, even though I knew nothing about dancing. Jennifer was an incredible teacher, and I think this was one of the best wedding decisions we made!”

Mike & Mindy


Couldn’t Have Had a Better Time

“We had so much learning to dance with Jennifer! In 6 weeks she took us from complete beginners to moving and grooving on the dance floor. Our dance classes were the perfect, stress-free and fun date night leading up to our wedding. Our dance could not have been better and all of our guests were so impressed and loved our dance. We are planning to keep our dance lessons up now that we are married. Thank you so much, Jennifer and Patrizio!”

-Chris & Megan


Completely Personalized to You!

“We have LOVED getting to work with Jennifer and Patrizio in preparation for our first dance. The studio is so pretty and my husband and I liked that we could get one-on-one instruction personalized for our song, our wishes, and the venue! Dancing proved to be a great active date night for us that certainly helped us destress from all of the wedding planning craziness. We liked it so much, that we’ve decided to continue with lessons even now that we’re married! Everyone was wowed by our first dance and we loved feeling confident out on the floor. It created such a magical moment and was really special. In addition to light choreography, entrance, and exit, Jennifer helped teach us plenty of swing moves that let us “free style” in the middle. Not only did it feel natural to us, but it made it look effortless and really impressed our guests. Plus, we were able to use our dancing skills throughout the night with other songs and beats! We’d highly recommend International Dance Studios to anyone looking for a great date night and prepping for their first dance!”

-Branden & Kate


Best Way To De-Stress While Wedding Planing

“International Dance Studios is amazing! Jennifer choreographed the first dance mash-up for my husband and I. We told Jennifer and Patrizio the 3 songs we wanted to use and they put them together for us. We learned fox trot, swing, and so much other fun choreography including lifts, spins, and dips. Surprising all of our family and friends with a choreographed first dance was really incredible. We also loved taking an hour or two out of the busy wedding planning each week to have fun dancing together. We plan to go back to continue learning more dances.”

-Patrick & Caroline


A Must Do

“Hands down, if you are contemplating booking them JUST DO IT! Absolutely amazing experience for my fiancé and I. We didn't know what to expect and neither of us had any prior dance skills and we loved it. We had a great time with Jennifer. She was a wonderful teacher and got us to do spins, lifts, and other movements that were romantic, fun, and beautiful for our wedding day. It really added something special for us to look back on for our wedding day and engagement.”

-Brian & Lindsey


Can’t Wait To Go Back!

“Taking lessons with Jennifer at International Dance Studios was hands down the best decision we made in our entire wedding-planning experience. We had so much fun, felt so comfortable (even as two people with absolutely zero dance experience), and can't wait to go back to take more lessons after we're married! Jennifer and her husband are so sweet and so incredibly talented. I would 100% recommend International Dance Studios to every engaged couple in Atlanta. We love you guys!”

-Alex & Caroline


Coming to IDS was the Best Decision We Made

“My husband and I could not be happier with our experience at International Dance Studios!! We came into the studio about 3 weeks prior to our wedding (last minute, I know!) and they worked with us and our schedule to create and teach the perfect first dance!! They said we had nothing to worry about with it only being a few weeks out from the wedding, and they were right! I had some previous ballroom dancing experience, but I am by no means an expert, and my husband had zero rhythm, by the time we finished our classes we looked and felt like we have been dancing for years! They were incredibly patient and knew exactly what to say to help us learn the steps and to get things to click for us when we were struggling with a certain move. Our dance was to "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates. We picked the song out a few years ago before even getting engaged and we knew we wanted to have a fun and interactive dance when our wedding day came. The final product went above and beyond our highest expectations! The crowd was blown away and cheering like crazy, nobody was sitting down, not even the grandparents!! It was the perfect mix of lip-syncing, turns, lifts, swing footwork, and humor. We still can't believe how perfectly it all came together! All of our guests were blown away and many said it was the best first dance they've ever seen! We truly had the best experience and have already recommended them to some of our friends!! They are masters of their craft, and you can tell how passionate they are about dance. If I‘ve learned anything from planning our wedding, it is to work with vendors and individuals that have a passion for what they do. They are the ones that will go above and beyond to serve you and make your dreams come true! Thank you Patrizio and Jennifer!!!! You are THE BEST!!!”

-Price & Ashley

Anna&Josh656 - Copy.jpg

Can’t Wait for More After the Wedding!

“Working together on our wedding dance was one of our favorite parts of the whole wedding process and working with International Dance Studios was probably one of the best decisions we made. Both Patrizio and Jennifer are warm, friendly, and knowledgeable teachers. We worked with Patrizio who was adept at working with me (who once kind of knew how to dance) and my husband who had never done any dance in his life. I was mostly nervous about how my husband would react to dancing and being told what to do but Patrizio had a wonderful, relaxed and fun way of teaching that really worked and my husband had a great time. He even bought dance shoes! The private lessons also make for a non-intimidating introduction to dancing and let you set the pace. Patrizio listened to what our vision was for the dance and what feel we wanted and worked with us to come up with moves that fit our style (romantic, folk, and fun). You learn traditional ballroom dances but you can add in elements from other genres. We got to add in a lot of fun elements to our dance (lifts, turns, the moonwalk!) that resulted in a first dance of my dreams! Our wedding guests were completely wowed by our dance and it is something we will look back on fondly for years to come! My only advice would be to be prepared to buy more lessons than you originally planned-- they go by super fast and we found ourselves needing to add on more to get enough practice on all the things we wanted to do. We can't wait to return and pick up new dances moves together.”

-Josh & Anna


Just Do It - You Won’t Regret It!

“Taking dance lessons with Jennifer was hands down the best decision we made leading up to the wedding. Not only did we have the time of our lives at each class, but we were able to grow a stronger connection to one another in ways we didn't even think was possible. From building confidence to patience, we were able to execute a dance that had our guests go wild at our wedding. Our dance was romantic, full of energy, and even had a few hints of sexy. :) It is a memory that will live with us forever as we continue to watch videos of our dance on repeat. We are still amazed at what we were able to pull off given that we never stepped into a dance studio before meeting Jennifer. Jennifer could not have been more professional and encouraging throughout the process, and those little moments where she was able to show us techniques with Patrizio were dreamy! Watching them dance was so magical and truly helped us to improve our moves. Who wouldn't want to aspire to be those two?! We recommend International Dance Studios to anyone and everyone! Whether you are getting married or just looking to switch things up for some fun with your partner, you cannot go wrong with Jennifer and Patrizio. We absolutely love them and cannot wait to get back to the studio!”

-Marc-Andre & Chelsi

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A Great Experience

“Patrizio was terrific! We had 7 or 8 one hour lessons prior to our big day, and he did everything to make sure we were ready. Neither of us had any dance experience whatsoever, and he made us feel instantly comfortable. The pace and style of the lessons were perfect. Couldn’t recommend this studio highly enough”

-Jordan & Katrina


THE Place To Go

“If you are looking to have an amazing first dance, LOOK NO FURTHER! My now husband and I cannot thank International Dance Studios enough for their lessons- they made us look so great on our special day. We will be back!”

-Bradley & Becca


Absolutely Phenomenal!

“My husband and I started with no dance experience at all. By the time we danced at our wedding, we felt like pros and blew everyone away! On top of having an amazing first dance, we had lots of fun date nights as lessons! I highly recommend International Dance Studios! Thank you for everything!!”

- Blake & Brittany

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Best Way to Surprise Your Guests!

“We loved working with Jennifer and Patrizio! We started taking dance lessons hoping to have something reasonably polished and ended up doing twirls, dips, and lifts! All our wedding guests were blown away and it was one of our favorite parts of the night.”

- Darryl & Caroline

dance lift.jpg

Great for After the Wedding Too

“They got us ready for our first dance and made it so fun, we intend to keep taking classes!”

- Robert & Courtney


Miracle Workers

“With just 5 weeks until our big day, Patrizio worked some real magic! He choreographed the perfect dance to the song we picked out, and even edited the song for us so that it would be flawless. After each lesson, we walked out looking forward to the next! He was so easy to work with, a truly patient teacher. Thank you Patrizio!”

- Stephen & Camilla


So Much Fun!

“We had such a great time learning our first dance for our wedding with Jennifer and Patrizio. They are both wonderful teachers and made it so much fun! We signed up after the wedding to learn Salsa :)”

- Kurt & Ashley


Patient, Always Upbeat & Knowledgable

“International Dance Studios was recommended to us by our DJ. We're so glad he told us about them! Jennifer is the best instructor. She is patient, always upbeat, knowledgeable, and she loves what she does. Our choreographed dance for our wedding reception turned out so well, and neither my husband nor I brought much dance experience into it. We got the 15-lesson package and benefitted so much from the time together prior to the wedding, and the lessons we learned about being patient with one another and how practice pays off. Highly recommend International dance Studios!”

- Aanad & Jennifer

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An Investment for the Future

“Deciding to schedule that first dance lesson at International Dance Studios was probably the best decision we made in preparing for our wedding! Learning to dance with Patrizio has been incredible. In nine lessons we went from two completely inept people with absolutely no dancing experience to feeling very comfortable with a finished first dance involving lifts, spins, and an elegant dip! We loved learning dance so much that we are now continuing our lessons. If you have even an inkling of a desire to wow everyone at your wedding with a beautiful dance, you will absolutely not regret working with Jennifer and Patrizio! This is honestly one of the very few things that you will spend money on for your wedding that you get to take with you after the big day is over and is more than just an investment in your first dance!”

- Brian & Aimee


Incredibly Knowledgeable and Fun!

“Both Jennifer and Patrizio have been wonderful to work with. We booked one dance lesson expecting to just learn a couple steps we could use in our first dance...boy were we in for a surprise! Jennifer and Patrizio are both incredibly knowledgeable and fun to work with. The first lesson was so much fun and we learned more than we thought we could in such a short amount of time. We ended up booking several more lessons and learning a Viennese Waltz. Our wedding is coming up in a couple of days and we are confident that we will dazzle all of our guests!”

- Travis & Reagan


A Great Experience

“We had such a great experience at International Dance Studios! My now husband and I were really nervous about our first dance, and wanted something that would fit us. Patrizio and Jennifer helped us find just that! We were really proud of ourselves at the end of our lessons, and most importantly comfortable on the day of our wedding. We had such a great time that we ended up doing a one time lesson with our parents right before the wedding as well! It was a really special and memorable part of our wedding week. Thank you guys so much!”

-Chris & Anna


You Will Not Be Dissapointed

“There is not enough that I can say to explain how wonderful Jennifer and Patrizio are. My wife and I started taking dance lessons with them at International Dance Studios when we wanted to learn a few swing moves and she was just my girlfriend. That first lesson was all we needed to ensure that we'd keep coming back. Over the past two and a half years we've come weekly for a fun date-night/hobby, then to work on our first dance for our wedding after we got engaged, and now that we've finally been wed we're incredibly excited to continue coming back to learn more fun dance styles. Jennifer and Patrizio are more than just instructors, to my wife and I, they are truly good friends and have done an amazing job of sharing their passion for dance with us. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't schedule a lesson at International Dance Studios”

-Brian & Shelby


Have A Great Time While Learning

'“My husband and I had a great experience with the International Dance Studio. The hours paid off and we loved every second of our first dance! We both would highly recommend the international dance studio for any couple looking to have a good time while learning a new, fun dance for their big day!”

-Mike & Jackie


Best Decision We Made

“Taking dance lessons was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding. We kept it a secret and every guest was in Awe when we did our first dance. Jennifer and Patrizio are absolutely amazing. They were very talented and were always super encouraging. My husband and I had zero dance experience and they turned us into dancers! We also just had a blast every time we had our weekly lesson. It turned into a date night for us and something we really enjoyed doing together. We will definitely be back to take more lessons in different dances. If you are looking for a dance studio that will help you blow your guests away, International Dance Studios is where you need to go!”

- Corey & Mackenzie


Everyone (including us) was so impressed with our dance

"My fiance (now husband) and I started taking lessons here about 4 months before our wedding. We wanted to surprise our guests and families with a "WOW" first dance, and boy did we! We walked into the studio not knowing the first thing about ballroom dance, and walked out feeling like we were on Dancing with the Stars. Everyone (including us) was so impressed with our dance. It was definitely one of the most memorable parts of our wedding, and we'll treasure the video forever (seriously though, my grandmother has probably watched it upwards of 200 times). Jennifer was absolutely incredible. It was like she reached into our minds and extracted our exact vision for what we wanted our first dance to be. We had 3 songs that Patrizio cut together beautifully. We did a slow swing, fast swing, and ended with a foxtrot. Despite being very nervous and inexperienced, Jennifer encouraged us to step outside our comfort zones and try various dips, lifts, and spins that absolutely wow-ed our wedding guests. She was always understanding of our doubts and frustrations when we couldn't nail the move on the first, second, or third try; nevertheless, she continued to encourage us and work with us to build our skill and our confidence. While the packages are a bit pricey, you definitely get what you pay for. I am so glad we chose International Dance Studios for our dance lessons. Jennifer is truly an incredible instructor and choreographer. If you put in the time and effort with either Jennifer or Patrizio, I promise you won't be disappointed!"

- Graham & Alyssa-

Was tailored to us

"I love the fact that they can decipher what type of dance that goes best with the song of your choice. They show you options and you pick what you like. Also, they can see your capabilities and help you push to get to that level. I like how they think outside the box to teach you the basics of dance. They can see what you're having difficulties with and don't just push you with the same techniques. They come up with different ways to explain or show you on how to overcome those difficulties."

- Leh & Eliza-


Every lesson was a blast!

"Jennifer (and her husband) are absolute rockstars! My husband and I began lessons 5 months before our wedding with absolutely no dancing experience, and ended up far exceeding out own expectations for our first dance. Every lesson was a blast, and we always felt comfortable and excited about our weekly progress. Not only did we surprise our family and friends with an amazing first dance, but we are extending our package to continue learning more dances during our first year of marriage! We would recommend International Dance Studios to everyone!"

- Will & Kaitlin -


The dance was a big hit!

"Thank you for teaching us how to dance the slow swing for our wedding. The dance was a big hit and set the tone for our wedding reception. You guys are the best! With gratitude Mrs & Mr Ferrell."

- Christopher & Daniela -

Our heart was perfect!

"We had an awesome time learning to dance with you. Our first Dance was amazing, you taught us more than we thought we were capable of. Our heart was perfect!! You are really great instructors. Thank you for helping to make ar wedding so special."

- Robert & Emily -

They make dancing fun!

"Jennifer was great! Her and her husband do a great job in teaching you the basics of a dance, and then give some options to jazz it up. They work with all types of genres of dance/music, and most importantly they make dancing fun! Their hours worked for us as we worked during the day, and they are open later than most other studios. We met them at the Bridal Show, and didn't hesitate to pay for our first lesson on the spot. We booked months after the Bridal Show, and then purchased a dance package. The prices are very reasonable! Booking appointments was easy as well! Most often you are dancing with another couple in the studio, so during your lessons you'll share music. Don't let that scare you away, as listening to other songs and watching others dance actually helps you perform better! They have wall to wall mirrors so that you can watch yourself. The environment is just pleasant. They give their 100% to help you learn how to dance! Our wedding is done, and our guests were amazed at our Foxtrot. We are very pleased, and plan on coming back to learn some other dances just for fun. Highly recommended!"

- Richard &  Loren -


Incredible experience!

"We had such an incredible experience with Jennifer at International Dance Studios. I am not kidding you when I say that when we walked in I did not feel comfortable dancing under any circumstances, ever. Fast forward three months and not only did we thrill our wedding party with our incredible first dance (lifts, dips, spins, you name it!), but we also feel like pros out on the dance floor, meaning that every wedding or event we attend for the rest of our lives just got a lot more fun. We cannot recommend working with Jennifer and her husband enough! They are friendly, patient, and super talented."

- Stephen & Bridget -


They were all blown away!

"Patrizio and Jennifer are so amazing and great at what they do! I feel like they are some of the best dance instructors in the business. My husband and I started dance lessons with them to prepare for our first dance as husband and wife on our wedding day 2 months prior to our wedding. They both helped us to develop a beautiful dance routine and to improve our dance skills 100% in those two months! Our dance lessons were a secret from most of our wedding guests and they were all blown away and cheering during the dance! The skills we gained from Patrizio and Jennifer made our wedding day extra special and gave us skills and a hobby we can continue to enjoy with one another! We highly recommend International Dance Studios to anyone, whether you are preparing for an event or just looking to improve your dance skills and have a great time! A+++"

- Sean & Megan -


It Was So Special!

"I can't believe it's already been a month since our wedding. Our first dance went amazing! It was so special and something we'll remember forever. Thanks for getting us ready for our dance and we had so much fun!"

- Daniel & Olivia -


Worth Every Penny

“Jennifer and Patrizio are incredible! They can make what seems like an impossible pipe dream at your first lesson a reality for your big day. My husband and I weren't sure if we would even be able to do the base waltz when we started, and we ended up with a first dance that included lifts and dips! If you are even considering learning choreography for your first dance, know that International Dance Studio is worth every penny. The studio has a bright and airy, but intimate vibe, and you won't feel like your two left feet are out in the open for all to see. There is only ever up to one other couple taking lessons there at a time, but either Jennifer or Patrizio will be with only you and your dance parter for your entire lesson. Sometimes my husband and I were the only couple in the studio because we always got their latest slot possible during the week. Our wedding would not have been the same without our waltz, which we were able to keep a secret from even our families and the wedding party until the big reveal. It was both of our favorite part of the big day. We plan on going back to learn to "swing" very soon!”

-Matthew & Alden

More Than Just A First Dance, Create A Memory 

"It all started when Nicholas and I were cooking pizza in the kitchen.  We were talking about how weird we felt going to do a dance at our wedding because we didn't know what to do.  We began dancing together and ended up laughing at each other for how awkward we both looked.  We found International Dance Studios and quickly signed up for lessons.  Since that day, we have been honored to immerse ourselves into different dance genres, meet wonderful couples in their wedding journey, learned how to work together and have grown to be a stronger couple.
Thank you Jennifer and Patrizio!  You have been so patient with us, have been there as a friend, have shared many wonderful words of encouragement and created wonderful memories for us!  We cannot wait to come back!"

- Nicholas & Tereza -


Our Guests Will Never Forget!

"Where do we even start?  We can't thank you enough for helping us create a first dance that never we, or our guests, will ever forget.  It was a total show stopper and no one saw it coming.  Our guests were so surprised and impressed.  We can't wait for our videographer to send us the footage of the whole dance and be able to share it with you both.  We loved working with you and can't wait to get back in the studio.  Thank you both so much for making our first dance dreams come true!"

 -Corey & Emma

Best Decision Ever!!!

"Best decision ever!!! We had such a blast with our first dance!! Our guests loved it and we had so much fun. Definitely recommend them. They will work with you at any stage and make you feel really comfortable!!"

-Stephen & Carly

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 1.39.49 AM (1).png

So Grateful

"Just wanted to share this amazing photo that was captured of us on our wedding day. Thank you so much for the lessons! We're so grateful!"

-James & Danielle

One of Our Favorite Wedding Memories!

"We took dance lessons for several weeks leading up to our wedding, and it was awesome!  Jennifer was our instructor and she taught us a really fun and romantic foxtrot dance to a song we selected.  She was very open to our thoughts on what we wanted for our dance, and worked very patiently with us to make sure we were comfortable with all of the choreography.  She even cut our song to an appropriate length for our first dance and made sure the choreography matched the new song length.  We kept the details of our dance a secret, so it was a big surprise for our wedding guests and family.  Everyone kept telling us all night how our dance was the best they'd ever seen, and it was certainly one of our favorite wedding memories!  We would definitely recommend International Dance Studios to anyone looking for a fun date night, new activity, or special wedding memory!"

-Jake & Kalle

You will not be disappointed!

"Jennifer and Patrizio are fantastic!  They taught my fiance and how to foxtrot for our first dance at our upcoming wedding.  Every class was enjoyable and they made dancing very easy and fun.  We can't wait to wow our guests with our first dance on June 4!  We highly recommend International Dance Studios.  You will not be disappointed!"

-Nick & Avery

Bad Dancers Turned Into Elegance and Grace

"I convinced my husband we should take dance lessons for our wedding.  Based on reviews and word of mouth we chose to visit International Dance Studios.  1 visit turned into 25 lessons and memories that will last forever.  Our first dance was the number 1 hit of our wedding, so much so that we did it again later in the evening.  We had a lot of fun taking the classes and going to the parties.  We never expected to have so much fun dancing, mostly because we didn't know how to dance.  Jennifer and Patrizio changed that.  We took the bulk of our lessons with Jennifer but we did work with Patrizio as well.  They took bad dancers and turned us into elegance and grace.  We learned exciting moves that we wouldn't have ever dreamed we could do.  We didn't tell any of our guests that we were taking lessons and it was a huge success.  Our wedding was three weeks ago and people are still talking about the dance.  Patrizio and Jennifer are extremely talented, amazing dancers and teachers.  They have endless amounts of patience and energy.  They genuinely care about their clients.  We highly recommend International Dance Studios if you are interested in taking dance lessons."

-Ryan & Marie

Greatest Instructors in Atlanta

"Jennifer and Patrizio are the best!  They have a passion for dance and make dancing fun!  They get to know their clients and create choreography that matches their clients unique personalities.  We have enjoyed working on our wedding choreography with so much, we plan on learning new dances after the wedding.  If you want to have an awesome first dance, have fun learning the dance, and want the greatest dance instructors in the Atlanta Area, you must see Patrizio and Jennifer!!!"

-Erik & Gregory

Wedding Dance

New Dancers - Awesome Routine!

"Jennifer and Patrizio at International Dance Studios are second to none!  My husband and I loved working with them on our first dance.  The were responsive, understanding, and professional.  We took lessons for about 8 months (1-2 sessions per month), and each and every lesson was challenging but so much fun.  Our dance was a beautifully choreographed foxtrot and cha-cha, and our guests were so surprised.  It was the most complimented element of our wedding!  Thank you, Jennifer and Patrizio!"

-Kiel & Jordan


"We love Patrizio and Jennifer!  They taught us something that my husband and I will be able to do for a lifetime.  They created a unique dance just for us for our special day and it was amazing!"

-Seth & Sheri

So Many Compliments!

Josh & Mary_Fotor.jpg

"My husband and I had an exceptional time learning the foxtrot from Jennifer.  She is a great instructor!  We liked how she encouraged us to try out new moves and found ways to incorporate our ideas into the basic dance to make it more personal to us.  She and her husband, Patrizio also performed for us that helped us pick up a few details.  When it got closer to the big day, she made sure our practice was as realistic to the wedding day - w/ an audience!  Day of, we nailed it.  :-)  We got so many compliments from our guests.  Also, I took lessons with my dad for the father-daughter dance and learned the bachata w/ a twist.  My dad and I had a lot of fun with Jennifer and she made sure we were able to execute successfully in just 3 lessons!  Lastly, I appreciated her honesty in whether we needed another lesson or to save it for date night after the wedding!  We look forward to learning the waltz from her next!"

-Josh & Mary

Wedding Dance

Wonderful Experience

"We loved working with International Dance Studio. My now husband was very nervous about taking classes and learning a dance for our wedding, from the first meeting they made him feel right at home. He now wont stop dancing, which is great and we plan on continuing to take lessons."

-Brett & Julie

Simply Incredible

"Our first dance was an amazing experience all due to International Dance Studios. The crowd went wild after seeing our choreographed dance that was both fun and elegant. We can't thank the International Dance Studios enough for their immense talent, professionalism and incredibleness!"

Karlos & Elizabeth

Wedding Dance


"BEST part of the wedding planning! I would recommend Jennifer and Patrizio to anyone wanting to learn how to dance and have FUN doing it. My fiancé and I always looked forward to our lesson. We will definitely be making this a regular date night option!"

-Jesse & Nikki

Wedding Dance

A First Dance to Remember!

"My husband and I really loved working with International Dance Studios. We were both a bit nervous b/c my husband has 2 left feet and even though I enjoy dancing, I'm not the best. Jennifer was wonderful and created beautiful choreography for us that wasn't too difficult. We got RAVE reviews for our first dance! People are STILL talking about it. One of our guests even said it made him cry! So we were extremely happy with how it turned out! The only upsetting part about it was that no one filmed it for us!"

-Drew & Amanda

Wedding Dance

Great Experience

"My husband and I worked with International Dance Studios about a month out before our wedding. We are not very compatible on the dance floor together, but within just a few lessons were able to pick a song that we felt comfortable dancing to for our first dance, and actually remembered and enjoyed our steps. We picked a song that we never had considered and ultimately we were more comfortable dancing to that than others we had on our list. Thank you for helping us look fun and put together for our 1st dance as husband and wife!"

-Tim & Wallace

An Investment for the Future

"With a 7-month engagement, we had little time to do everything; however, we wanted to learn to dance. My fiance won't admit it, but we didn't know how to dance together in a formal setting. After attending many weddings where the bride and groom swayed back and forth as their first dance, we knew we did not want to do that. So, we found International Dance Studios and signed up for classes. Patrizio and Jennifer are wonderful people to be around and so easy to learn from. They made dancing a date night for us, and choreographed a dance fit for Dancing With the Stars! Our guests are still talking about it! Although the prices are high (mostly package rates), the investment is worth it. We now feel comfortable in a formal dance setting, and have a beautiful dance to watch over and over for years to come. Thank you Patrizio and Jennifer!"

-Time & Grace

Wedding Dance

Best Dance Duo Around

"We came to International Dance Studios looking for someone to help us dance to our favorite song at our wedding reception. The skills they have for dancing are impeccable. We didn't have much time, but they made it work! The dance turned out great and we enjoyed working with International Dance Studios!"

-Dominic & Bre